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Friday, April 01, 2005


The most awaited event at the Sorsogon State College (SSC) finally happened, the PAGTURUPAR 2005 General Alumni Homecoming held at SSC Ground last March 26, 2005.
It was a cloudy Saturday morning of March 26, 2005 when the Registration of all the Participants got started at around 9 o'clock in the morning. SCAT Batch 1980, the silver jubilarian is in charge of the registration. This year's Alumni Homecoming are hosted by the following Batches: the SSAT Class of 1955 (Golden Jubilarian), SCAT Batch 1980 (Silver Jubilarian), SCAT Batch 1985 (20 years) and the SSC Batch 1995 (10 years). Retro Music from the 50's, 60's, 70's, and the 80's are being played (by yours truly) on the the sound system to create a reminiscing ambience around the SSC Campus.

It was 1 o'clock in the afternoon when almost everybody arrived to join the Parade. The surroundings was so happy as the former classmates and former teachers see each other once again. "Kumustahan didi, Kumustahan didto, maogmahon talaga". Around 2 o'clock in the afternoon when the parade moves on. A motorcycle club from Sorsogon City namely RABASS (Riders and Bikers Association of Sorsogon) convoy the parade. Next to RABASS is the pride of Sorsogon City, the SSC Marching Band. They played a lot beautiful Marches as the parade goes on, following the SSC Marching Band are the Golden Jubilarian (headed by Ms.Luz Angeles) the SSAT Class of 1955. The Golden Jubilarians looks so georgous on their golden filipiniana dress (for the Ladies) and the yellow t-shirts for the men. After the Class of '55, Batches from the 60's (1964,1967 etc) and the 70's (71,72,73,74,76,77,78) followed...and the last batch of the 70's is the SCAT Batch 1979.

Registration area
(from left: Delia Dolosa, Glorai Diño, Marilou de Ocampo and Elsa Odeña)
Bringing the banner of SCAT Batch 80 are Carlos Levantino and Moises Haloc
"We're Present!" - Batch'81
The Class '55
Parade Picture - 1

Parade Picture - 2

Parade Picture - 3

Our Beloved Teachers (Picture-1)
Mrs. Ladisla, Miss Roberto, Mrs.Teresita Aninipot,Mrs.Lydia Aninipot and Miss.Neneng Jamora

Our Beloved Teachers (Picture-2)

The SSC Drum and Lyre Corps show their best on the Parade while the float of the Silver Jubilarian follows. Former Teachers of SCAT Batch 1980 was given a chance to rode on the float. After the float, follows the "pinaka-maribok na Batch" Silver Jubilarian, the SCAT Batch 1980.
Other Batches from the 80's (like 81,82,83,84,85,86,and 87) joined the parade too. Batches from the 90's enjoyed also walking around the City for that memorable parade. SSC Batch 1995 rode on their prepared float, followed also by the younger batches after them like the Batch 1996 and so on. The youngest Alumni members who joined the parade, are the newly graduate...the SSC Batch 2005.

Finally the parade was over, and all the participating Batches go back to the SSC Campus. SCAT Batch 1985 provided the snacks and refreshments to all the participants. Immediately, after the snacks, SSC Batch 1995 sponsored a series of games, liked the 'Darakmaan ki orig" the "Burulang" and more games follows. Fast five in the afternoon when the program started. The Program was Hosted by Manny Ferrer (SCAT Batch 1980) and Bing Fortin (SSC Batch 1995). The Golden Jubilarian was serenaded by Marivic Ditan (Batch 80) and Ramon Leoncito(Batch 1985) as they dramatically go up to the stage escorted by the gentlemen from Batch '80.
Mr.Rico Nava (SSC Campus Director) and Dr.Augusto Nieves (SSC President) grace the Program with their inspirational messages. Members of the SSC Dance Troop gave color and excitement to the program with their Intermission number, a ballroom dancing.
Certificates of Recognition and Merits was awarded to the Golden Jubilarians by the Alumni Association headed by Mr.Ninoy Carranza (in lieu of Mr.Severino Caubang). In returned, the Class of 1955 (Golden Jubilarian) rendred their prepared chorus, that really makes the affair so memorable. After such, the program finally came to an end.

After the program...the showdown time! Songs and dances from different Batches grace the affair while the Fireworks display courtesy of SCAT Batch 1985, adds color yo the night. "Salamat sa Batch '85 sa fireworks display".. Finally the "Barayle" till the night affair is over. So this is my short articles about the Pagturupar 2005.. Again sa mga host Batches; SSAT Class of 1955, SCAT Batch 1980, SCAT Batch 1985, and SSC Batch 1995. Congratulations sa indo intiro for a job well done. Hopefully an mga Host Batches next year...the SSAT Class of 1956, SCAT Batch 1981, SCAT Batch 1986 and SSC Batch 1996...mas magayon nan mas ma-kolor pa an saindo na Hosting sa Pagturupar 2006, kaya good luck sa indo.

To the SSC Faculties headed by Dr. Augusto Nieves (SSC President), Mr. Rico Nava (SSC Campus Director) and to Mr. Ninoy Carranza (Alumni and Student Services Chairman) Salamatonon tabi sa indo....I SALUTE YOU.


To all our visitors here at the web....salamatonon man sa iyo...always remember that we are trying our best to serve you...specially kamo na mga kababayan namon na taga Sorsogon.


  • hi! just want to correct something written here. the members of Batch '87 did not join the parade coz they were at Bacon Beach that time. we, the members of Batch '88 joined the parade. maybe you got the info interchanged. thanks!

    By Blogger ambie, at May 11, 2005 at 11:05 PM  

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