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Monday, June 27, 2005

The Wonders of "PILI"

"High commodity champion "Pili" (Canarum Ovatum)- technically a fruit, according to Dorren Fernandez's book "Fruits of the Philippines" - is considered the high commodity champion in Sorsogon and considered by the Department of Agriculture the "flagship commodity" in Bicol.

Records obtained from the Department of Agriculture showed that in 1987, Pili production in Bicol was eatimated at 4,585 tons or 78.5 percent of the National pigure.

In 1992, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) reported that Bicol supplied 82 percent of the National production volume, most of which came from Sorsogon. This prompetd the National Economic Developement Authority (NEDA) to declare SORSOGON the commodity champion for Pili.

The Province of Sorsogon is so rich in Pili, partricularly in Bacon District, where Pili Industry is one of their major means of fact there are century old of Pili Tree that are still existing in this area. In Sorsogon City there are also century old Pili Tree, one in Guinlajon,in Almendras and in San Juan Roro.

100 Years Old Pili Tree at Roro, Sorsogon City

I've personally interviewd the owner of the 100 years old Pili Tree in San Juan Roro. According to Mr.Balbino Duran his Pili Tree is certified 100 years old because he inherit this from his great great grandparents. Mr.Duran's property is rich in Pili Trees and other giant fruit bearing trees. According to him he called his property as a "Forest within the City" because of gigantic tress that is planted in his area.

Pili Tree Plantation

Pili fruit is well known through out the Bicol Region, specially in Sorsogon. Sorsoganons love to eat this kind of fruit of the land. Pili fruit has three stage of maturity; the young fruit is known by it's green color, while the middle one is branded by it's violet color. The black one is the mature Pili fruit. This is the stage where it is ready for any process. The well known among the Sorsogueños is the LINANTA NA PILI.

Lantahon na Pili

The mature Pili fruit is dip into a lukewarm water for about 15 to 20 minutes, then remove it to the lukewarm water and presto! it's cooked already. How to eat the Linanta na Pili? First, peel off the black covering then get the fibrous meat and dip it into a sauce called "Patis" (salted fish sauce) and eat it together with your it's so delicious (mananamom baga). You can eat it also as a dessert, by simply dipping it to sugar instead of patis...and this is called "Tampuyak"

Lagting na Pili

The remains of the Linanta na Pili is called "LAGTING". The Lagting is the oval shape pointed ended hard pili shell that in-house the other Pili wonder called "I-LOG'. You have to crack the Lagting by using a stone or a bolo and this process is called "TILAD"

The I-log is the nut shape part of the Pili Fruit. Out of this I-log are various of sweet pili candies (delecasies) can be made, for example: The KUNSIRBA, BUDING, MULIDO, KARMELITOS, ROASTED PILI, MAZAPAN DE PILI, PILI BRITTLE and even SALTED PILI and many more.

One Sorsoganon successesfully engaged in Pili Candy Industry and gained a named as far as Pili Candy are concerned. Tia Berning Detera started her Pili Candy Bussiness in 1988. According to Tia Berning's son, Ryan, they stared their Pili bussiness with a capital of P5,000.00 only. They started in very small Pili Candy store in the corner of Rizal Street Sorsogon, Sorsogon. With that humble beginning, Tia Bernings busssiness...prosper and it's now located just across their original place but this time, in bigger store, still bearing the name Tia Berning's Pili Candy Store. Tia Berning received an award from Quedancor as the 2003 Top Rural Enterprenuer, just to show that Tia Bernings bussiness is prospering.

Tia Berning Store

Tia Berning Pili Products

Tia Berning Pili Products

Tia Berning Pili Products

Tia Berning Abaca Products

Aside from Tia Berning, there are also other Sorsoganons who engaged in this Pili bussiness, and one thing for sure....they too are prospering. Each of them have their own way of promoting their products into the market.

Pili kiosk Store

Early year 2000, when the City Government of Sorsogon and the Philippine Information Agency (Madam Irma Guhit) conceptualized and choose the Pili fruit to be the flagship of Sorsogon City and the yearly Pili Festival was born. This is to promote Pili, not only here in the Philippines but through out the whole world.
The month of June is a long month celebration of the Pili Festival, where Sorsogueños and visitors alike are enjoying the long month activities of the Festival.

Pasalubong Vendors

Pasalubong Vendors

Raw Pili Vendor

Pili Candies are best for Pasalubong....and it's really a delecasies that every Sorsoganon should be proud of.


  • Ay badaw Manny, nagutumun daw ako sana na mananamon na pili san Sorsogon! I am so homesick I tell you! You really are doing us, na taga overseas a very great favor, thank you so very much! Keep them coming!!! We do enjoy looking at photos and guess what, if ever I go back there, you have to take me to this 100 year old pili tree... See, you are blessed, Sorsoguenos, so appreciate what you have!

    By Blogger tracy, at August 4, 2005 at 2:50 PM  

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